Countryside Stewardship offers grants for woodland management plans, woodland tree health, restoration and improvement. Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier Grants are funding streams for more environmentally significant sites, such as woodlands. These grants allow owners to apply for management options multi-years grants, most lasting for 5 years, and also capital grants for specific items.

Woodland Creation Planning Grant and the Woodland Carbon Fund

There are grants currently available through the Forestry Commission, initially starting with a Woodland Creation Planning Grant which helps to cover the cost of producing a UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) compliant Woodland Creation Plan. This is a pre-curser for applying for the Woodland Carbon Fund.

The Woodland Carbon Fund provides funding to support the planting of multi-purpose woodlands in England of at least 10 hectares in size. Maximum grants available range from £6800.00 and £8500.00 per hectare, depending on the site.

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the current grant funding opportunities through all funding avenues so that we can keep our clients fully informed in the best routes to secure grant funding for their woodlands.

We can support, assist and guide you through all of these grants schemes to achieve your woodlands maximum potentia

Some of our Services

Below are a selection of our services but if you have any other specific requirements please do get in touch to discuss.

Measuring Tree Trunk

Woodland Management Advice

We manage a plethora of woodland and forest sites and the management of each of these is specifically tailored to the requirements of the client.

Reforestation Douglas Fir Seedling

New Woodland Planting

We have, as a company been involved with many new planting schemes, but the most notable was the creation of a 100 ha new commercial forest at Roadford Lake.

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment

Woodland Grant Schemes

Countryside Stewardship offers grants for woodland management plans, woodland tree health, restoration and improvement.

Timber Harvesting

Timber Harvesting

We can identify areas within your woodland which are suitable for a thinning or clear-fell.

Healthy looking tree and meadow

Quantified Tree Risk Assessments

Tree safety management is a matter of limiting the risk of harm from tree failure while maintaining the trees integral benefits.

Plant Health

Statutory Plant Health Orders

Forest and Land Management have been involved with the management of numerous Statutory Plant Health Notices (SPHN’s).